Dark Roast


Espresso Blend
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Dark Chocolate

Now you know what makes a solid triple espresso blend, three country origins located no less than four thousand miles from each other, roasted to dark that will bring out this chocolate forward espresso blend.

Farm Origins

Colombia | Ethiopia | Sumatra

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Holly (Sunnyvale, California)
My absolute Favorite Coffee Ever

I have worked for 5 coffee shops, and roasted my own coffee I am a coffee snob to say the least. This coffee is my absolute favorite without a shadow of doubt. And!!! Addictive Coffee is one of the greatest, sweetest roasters. Who else takes time to give you stickers and personalized note? Best coffee ever, I desire nothing more than perfect chemex cup of anonymous blend.

Bill M. (Chesterfield, Missouri)
Still the BEST coffee ever!

We have tried many, many coffees from around the world and when traveling to different countries. We subscribe to a monthly delivery of Anonymous amd it is still the BEST coffee ever.

Clive N. (San Anselmo, California)
Amazing coffee. Amazing people......

Addictive coffee is great. The Addictive team is super helpful & supportive.
Keep it up!!!

Cary C. (San Anselmo, California)

Hello Addictive team. I enjoyed Anonymous both as a drip coffee and in my espresso machine. So far it's my favorite but I've enjoyed and appreciated each of the 3 coffees I I received from Addictive!!

Richard M. (Detroit Harbor, Wisconsin)
Life with Addictive Coffee

Clean no bitterness even at extra strength. Drink strong and long, it only gets better.

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