Addictive Coffee "Fueling Your Healthy Obsessions."

Variety of Addictive Coffee Blends by the bag

When it comes the good stuff, we just can't get enough!

We have a bias toward those who find what they love and go all in. Whether that’s surfing, traveling, cooking, creating, giving back or geeking out—we’re here for you—to help power all things addictively pure, positive, and really damn good with our sustainably grown and ethically sourced coffee.


Our Coffee

Morning Fix

Dark Roast

Morning Fix

Latin America Blend
From $16

Medium Roast


Peru/Guat Latin America Blend
From $16
Lighten Up

Medium Roast

Lighten Up

African Blend
From $18

Dark Roast


Espresso Blend
From $16
Guatemala-Atitlan Chochajau

Medium Roast

Guatemala-Atitlan Chochajau

From $18
Ethiopia-Yirgacheffe Aricha

Light Roast

Ethiopia-Yirgacheffe Aricha

From $18

Medium / Dark Roast


Decaf Columbia
From $16
Addictive HatAddictive Hat

Addictive Hat

Addictive BeanieAddictive Beanie

Addictive Beanie


Marin County, California


I'm obsessed with finding places that I really get to know myself.

I love - Ethiopia Single Origin

Greenville, South Carolina


"My best addictions are coffee, family and untracked powder!" 

Los Gatos, California


We love getting together and hanging with our families - always energizing. And how did we go from college room-mates to this!?! 

We LOVE our Morning Fix blend >

Westside - Los Angeles

John & Amazing Family

"I'm ADDICTED to packing it ALL into the stream of life! I depend on Addictive Coffee to FUEL my passion for my family, going to live music, the beach, travel & work … in THAT order!"

Marina Del Rey, California


Travel, Friends, & Family - I love spending time with who and what matters most.

My Blend - Anonymous

Seattle, WA


Northwest born and coffee runs in my veins. Addicted to free will.

My Blend - Morning Fix


Al, John, & Philip

Addicted to good times had by all

Our Blend - Lighten Up

Wake up.
Let’s do this thing.
Live more. Stress less. 
Chase awesome.
Hang ten. Take five.
Find your groove.
Whatever gets you to a higher wavelength. 
Discover more. Go all in.
Fueling healthy obsessions. 
Share your story.
When it comes to the good stuff, we just can’t get enough.

Morning Fix

Dark Roast

Morning Fix

Latin America Blend
  • Cacao
  • Orange Peel
  • Toasted Vanilla

Gotta have it, our signature go-to blend of big chocolate forward to impress for the everyday or occasional coffee drinker. Balanced with subtle notes of citrus and nuts. Roasted just into dark. 

Farm Origins:

Colombia | Guatemala 

Roasted in California

Specialty Coffee

Our coffee-obsessed team scours the globe for the most flavor-forward and high-quality harvests—always sustainably grown and ethically sourced. 

We are currently roasting our  on the following machines: Probat UG-22, Probat 5kg, Loring 35kg, and a Giesen 1kg. 

*Based in San Rafael, CA - We also roast in  Berkeley & Oakland, CA 



Mike Ralls is the Founder of Addictive Coffee Roasters and they make the best coffee in the Bay Area

Addictive Coffee Roasters

Our story

After channeling an addictive personality, Mike Ralls focuses on the positive things in life. He's been following his passion to create a lifestyle brand that attracts those who go all in, appreciate quality and want to be a part of something meaningful. He became obsessed with coffee and sought to roast the best which started in a garage, then moved to an airplane hangar in Marin County, California. 

His favorite part of the day is waking up when the stars are still out, seeing the sunrise and meeting friends for coffee. He's always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and loves going on adventures with his family. Providing an exceptional customer experience and supporting the specialty coffee industry is at the core of Addictive Coffee. At its heart, Addictive is all about powering your healthy obsessions. So wake up and let's do this thing!


For the office

Amazing coffee in your workplace, it’s that important! Fire up your office with the newest and most impressive coffee brand that has just launched in the Bay Area and able to deliver quickly anywhere in the U.S.

We have passion for sourcing the highest quality arabica specialty coffees from countries like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Sumatra and others - then presenting blends and single-origins with quality and variety for your company.

Email us with any questions, or share your company details here and we will make a suggestion on the type and quantity to order.

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Morning Fix blend by Addictive Coffee Roasters - one of the San Francisco Bay Area's favorite coffee blends

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Our Favorite Charities

Zeno Mountain Farm

Zeno Mountain Farm is a non-profit, year round organization that hosts camps for people with and without disabilities. Camps are held in Los Angeles, CA, Bristol, VT and Jenson Beach, FL. Zeno Champions lifelong friendship and opportunity for people with diverse needs.

How you can get involved:  Contact Zeno Mountain Farm about volunteering or donating through their website & their Instagram account!

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