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02 V60 Glass Dripper (New Surfboard Base)

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The V60 is iconic and recognized worldwide for it's functionality and design. The V60's conical shape allows for deeper layering of coffee grounds, and its spiral ridges and lack of flow restriction allow the user to pour the water quickly for a delicate body or slowly for a heavier flavor.  The dripper features Hario's signature heatproof glass making the dripper beautiful and resilient.  Perfect for cafe or home use!

This version features our newly designed base that allows you to more clearly see the fill level of your mug or server. It's cool! It's sort of shaped like a hollow surfboard.


Product Number: VDGR-02-B

Color: Black

Size: W 138× D 115× H 95mm 115Φ

Capacity: 1-4 cups


Body: Heatproof glass
Holder: Polypropylene 

Made in Japan 

This product is hot water and dishwasher safe. 

This product is not safe for use over open fire, microwave or in an oven.

Looking for the product manual? Find it here.

Product manual